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Lindsay & Alan Wedding Day Sat 20th April 2018

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This was my first wedding ever to do on Easter Saturday. The marraige and the Reception was in the Hudson Bay in Athlone. The Ceremony started at 3. The Civil Ceremony does not take long. The hotel did a great job, they are so lucky to have Michael Dolan looking after the Reception, so cool and a Gentleman.
Jason O Callaghan came on at the tea break, with Hypnosis, I never enjoyed anything as good as an extra at a wedding.The day went so well for Lindsay and Alan.

I would like to wish them both a long and happy life together

Ellen & K.C. Wedding Day Fri 27th July 2018.

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This is a wedding that I looked forward to, it being my third to do for Ellen’s family. I was a bit worried about J.C because they would not know my form. I called to Ellen first we had a bit of fun then over to K.C. home it worked out fine especially the spin on the tractor. I called back to the Brides home aagin. The cermony was performedv by my old friend Fr John Cullen it was lovely. The Reception was in the Hudsonn Bay and as usual they do a fine job. I worked on until the beauliful Irish Dancing at the end of the night.

I would like to wish Ellen and K.C. a long and happy life together

Aileen & Vincent Wedding Day St. Patrick’s Day 2016

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This was a special day for me as a video man. I am doing weddings in the Hodson Bay sice it opened 23 years ago. Aileen was working in the Hotel and she used to say when I am getting married I will get you to do my video, and fair play it happen yesterday.
The day starred in Vincent’s house at 10 in the morning and I finished with the band at 1.30. I was at home at 2.45. it was a long day but enjoyable. I then went to Aileen’s home in Mount Talbot, both families are very nice, this is the only second St. Patrick’s Day wedding I have done. The church was performed by Fr. Beirne with Fr. Michael Donnelly. Then we went over to the ball alley in Mount Talbot, this was a first for me because Vinnie is a big handball fan. It was through handball that he met Aileen. The Hodson spared nothing for Aileen and Vinnie. The band was Sean Slattery and the Connections they were great.

Lorraine & Jamie Wedding Day Sat 25th May 2013

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Lorraine & Jamie Wedding Day Sat 25th May 2013. the day started in the Bride’s home the father  Padraig brought me out to meet all the sheep a few of them were black and did not  seem to be that friendly. The wedding ceremony was in Ballintubber Church and was conducted by Fr. John. We were very lucky with the day, and away then to the Hudson Bay Hotel in Athlone. Everybody really enjoyed the day. The Mother of the Groom gave a great speech.



I would like to wish Lorraine and Jamie a long and happy life together.