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Claire & Declan Wedding Day Fri 2nd August 2019.

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I started in the Church, when I arrived I was taken a back with the beautiful arch over the door with Claire & Declan written over it, never came across this before, a great idea, The Ceremony was in Glinsk Church, and The reception in the Abbey Hotel Roscommon. The day went very well Declan is from Fermoy and I look forward to showing him the staff I have from the railway Mitchelstown to Fermoy when he collects the video. The day was magnificent especially for photography, the Photographer was Alan Hunt very professional works very hard at the job, and a pleasure to be with him..
I would like to wish Claire & Declan, a long and happy life together. — at Glinsk co Galway .

Olivia & James Wedding Day Sat 4th May 2019

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Olivia & James got married in Cloonfad Church and the reception was in The Abbey Hotel Roscommon. The day was beautiful so was the couple. The best man Noel did a great job esprcially on his speech. I remember we bought our first station wagon from Olivias uncle JJ in 1970 for £1000 I got a trade in for it in 1978 for the same price £1000. JJ moved to Galway after that. His son Pat drove my car on the wedding day, one sound guy. The rest of the day went so well.Alan Hunt photographer was with me again two days in a row, as always a pleasure to work with.
I would like to wish Olivia & James a long and happy life together

Audrey & Denis Wedding Day Thur 25th April 2019.

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This was a great wedding, I started in Ballyjamesduff the day before at Dennis’s home. The next day at Audrey’s home. The ceremony was performed by Audrey’s brother Fr. Thomas. He did a great job under the circumstances of losing Rutlethe the Father and only last Sat their Brother Noel. They both must be with the happy couple because everything went so well, It was a fantastic day.
The photo I posted was taken in the lawn of the Abbey Hotel.
I would like to wish Audrey and Denis a long and happy life together

Marie & Keith Wedding Day Sat 11th Aug 2018

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This was one of the busiest mornings that I had before a wedding all in great fun. I starteed in Marie & Keith’s home getting Marie getting ready the crack was great, then over to Keith’s home, with much of the same, we hit of to Glanamaddy with Groom and the Best men driving a very large Tractor to Harte’s pub, all concerned enjoyed the fun. Then back to Marie’s home in Carane, I am delighted with the Eir Code a great man for finding houses. The Cermony was in Ballyheglish Church, when we finished here we went to Roscommon Castle for the photographs. the photographer was Alan Hunt always a pleasure to work with, and he puts everything into the profession.
Our next stop was The Abbey Hotel as usual top class.

I would like to wish Marie & Keith a long and happy life together

Yvonne & Sean Wedding Day Sun 5th Aug 2018.

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I started in the Brides home and we had great fun, and this was a Wedding with a difference the marraige ceremony was in Ballinamore. The church was familty only and the cermony was perfored by a Deacon. It was simple and nice, we hit away to the Abbey where all the Guests were waiting to greet the happy couple. The day was great and the athmosphere was fantastic. The biggest surprise was the Page Boy arriving to the Hotel in his own remote controlled car, the guests loved it. He did the same coming up the Church,
The day went well, meal was excelant so was the Band.
I really enjoyed the enterance into the Abbey for the meal it was very special, it went on for five minutes.

I would like to wish Yvonne and Sean a long and happy life together

Michelle & John Wedding Day Sat 4th Aug 2018

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Michelle & John
Wedding Day Sat 4th Aug 2018.

I started at the Church in Granlahan,this Church brings back happy memories of the first wedding that I did on a commercial basis for Helen & Liam away back in 1987. This was a great day and the Church music was fantastic, the Cermony performed by Fr. Joe Feeney he makes it so realaxing for the happy couple. The Reception was in the Abbey Hotel and thery must be fed up of me as I was in it the following day Sunday. The music and the meal was excellant I worked on until the tea break. I must add that both Michelle and John were lovely to work for.
I love meeting John’s Mother Rosemary she always says how are you Mr.Browne and I say how are you Mrs Black,
I would like to Wish Michelle and John a long and happy life together.

Rachel & Liam Wedding Day Sat 16th June 2018.

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Wedding Day Saturday 16th June 2018.
This wedding was booked for over two years, and it came around so quickly. I started in Rachel’s home and the crack was ninety, Rachels Bridmaids were up for anything. The Church was Cloonfad. The Groom Liam was from Arigna, both the Cloonfad and Arigna crowd gelled together so well. The Reception was in The Abbey Hotel and as usual they do it so well. The Band was Late Night Radio the were very good. I worked on until the tea break. The Sun shone out for Rachel and Liam, and a nicer couple one could not ask to work for. i had the video ready for Rachel and Liam to see on Tuesday. I was speaking to Rachel and they were up half the night, and she said they enjoyed it very well.

Ita & Shane’s Wedding Day Fri 24th Nov 2017

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This was a very special Wedding for me. The day I got married Ita’s Father Jimmy provided the horse and trap for our wedding, both Anne and I are friends for years with Mary and Jimmy Ita and Sean, The photo is outside The Abbey Hotel with Ita Sean, and very special dog who was stolen and thanks to Face Book turned up in Galway. The day weather wise we were lucky, we went through Roscommon and everybody was out waving at the happy couple. The Abbey came up trumps the meal was excellent, so was the band.
I would like to wish Ita and Shane a long and happy life together

Cathy & Joseph Wedding Day Fri 27th Oct 2017

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The wedding was magnificent, and for a man working at it I thoroughly enjoyed the day..  I had an early start in Flanagan’s and although it was foggy we still had great fun. I thought Sheila would run me and it was the dead opposite. We had stint in the Forge as well. The Ceremony was performed by Fr John Mc Manus, he has the knack of making people relaxed. We went down to the Railway station this was Alan Hunts idea, it worked out great, Alan Hunt ( Photographer) is a gem to work with. We were also in the demesne as well, it looks magnificent this time of year. The Abbey Hotel hosted the reception, we were in on good time,everything went so well. I worked on until the tea break.
I would like to wish Cathy and Joey a long and happy life together. 

Leanne & Alan Wedding Day Fri 25th August 2017

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Leanne & Alan were married in the Sacred Heart Church Roscommon. I started with the Groom in the Hotel, then back to the Brides home. I had Leanne dressed up in her uniform on the morning and it was great fun getting the Bridesmaids running her up the stairs to get Leanne ready for her big day.
The ceremony was performed by my old friend Fr John Cullen, he made it so easy for all. The Abbey came up trumps with the meal, we had the Two Willies performing after the meal, they came in dressed up as Guards.
Mark Buckles Band were great, the crowd loved them. I worked on until the Band Finished.
It was great to be with Phillip Stratford photography it was like old times,he is so easy to work with, no hassle.
I did Leanne’s Uncle Tom ans Celia wife’s wedding 25 years ago. 

I would like to wish Leanne and Alan a long and happy life together.

Leanne Dunne commented on Sean Browne Wedding Videos’s photo.

It was great to receive the comment below from Leanne & Alan this morning……….

Leanne Dunne
August 30 at 8:38pm

A huge thank you to Sean. We have just finished watching the DVD and all I can say is wow. You certainly have given us a life time of memories to relieve at the click of a button.