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Julie & Conor Wedding Day Fri 5th May 2017

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Julie & Conor Wedding Day, Friday 5th May 2017.

I was so looking forward to this wedding and it was a great wedding with nothing spared. I was up in Conor’s home the evening before. We had great fun, and we did like if it was the morning of the wedding. The hospitality was magnificent.
The morning before the wedding I called to Julie’s home, and Clare and Michael put some effort their home having it like a palace, for this very special day, even the turf was so neat you would be afraid to burn it. Julie and the bridal party called over to Clonalis house for a few photographs before going to the church.
Shane my son was operating another video camera to make sure we missed nothing. The day was magnificent with the sun breaking the stone. Fr. Micheal Donnelly performed the ceremony with Fr. John; and good friend of the family Fr. Kevin.
We got away as quickly as possible to Galway Salthill Hotel. The meal was lovely the band was great, I worked on until 1pm.

I would like to wish Julie & Conor a long and happy life together. 

Eleanor & Chris Wedding Day Thur 14th July 2016.

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This was a special day especially when it is a neighbors wedding. Anne & I were delighted to be invited and both of us enjoyed the day as well. Chris being from Scotland I started the Groom bit at the Hotel in Glasson were all the family were staying. I know after I had that bit done. they enjoyed it but formed the opinion that I was for the birds. The morning of the wedding I went to Eleanor’s home, I never came across a Bride so relaxed. I took the few shots around the house, went to the Church to get set up and then back to the Bride’s house. The place was full with relatives and friends i.e the garden, which was beautiful.
Then back to the Church to get Chris arriving. I was very impressed to see his Dad Bob playing the bag pipes outside the Church. The Ceremony was performed by Canon Joe Fitzerald this is his second last wedding in Castlerea. The wedding Ceremony was extra special and as for the Singing you could stand in the snow listening to it, with Gavin Sweeney, Enna Conroy, Padraig Sweeney, Seamus Stenson, and Robert Pinkman.
We then did a trip around the town before hitting away to the Glasson House Hotel. They really looked after everybody, and again full marks to the General Manager Niall Flynn, I said it before one of the best.
The special guest at the wedding for me anyway was Eleanor’s Granny Josey, who stood for Eleanor. Josey looked fantastic and I was delighted meeting her. I give credit to Enda for wearing the Kilt
I would like to wish Eleanor and Chis a long and happy life together.

Anna & Gerry June 10 in Castlerea Church

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June 25 in Castlerea Church

I started in Gerry’s house and we had great fun which helped to relax the Groom. I then went to Anna’s home only to find out that 25 years previous I did Auntie Mary’s Wedding. I just thought I am on the second generation now. We had a great laugh and everybody was in top form. The ceremony was performed by Canon Joe who is leaving shortly.
The reception was in Lough Rynn Castle and the grounds were fantastic. The band was Declan Nearney. The couple requested just twenty minutes of the dancing.
I would like to wish Anna and Gerry a long and happy life togeter.

Caitlín and Oliver Fri 21st March 2014

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This was some day, with over 300 at the wedding it was the biggest I was at in a long time. I started in the Grooms Home with the best man and the crack was mighty. Then to the Bride’s home twice. The day was bad but to be honest it did not dampen the spirit of the wedding. The Ceremony was conducted by the Grooms uncle Fr. Seamus, he was a gem. Then away to Abbey Hotel in Roscommon and with the large number they certainly are able to cater for all the guests, the meal was excellent. I worked on until the Band finished at 12.30. It was the longest day I had in a while. The picture included shows Caitlin and Ollie after Uncle John Murphy Congratulated them and the crowd clapped.I would like to wish Caitlín and Ollie a long and happy life together.

Caolin & Tony Wedding day Friday 20th Sept 2013

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Caolin & Tony Wedding day Friday 20th Sept 2013 was in Castlerea Church and the Mullingar Park Hotel. I started the day in the Bride’s home and the last time I was here was for the Bride’s Sisters wedding nine years ago. The day was gorgeous for  the time of year a real blessing on the day. I then went to the Church and got the Best man and the Groom arriving with a pair of hand cuffs on, some passer by asked me was the the two fellows getting married.  The ceremony went well and then over to Strokestown House, the picture above was taken in the library of the house. The Grooms man David was a great character and he made the day for me. The reception was in the Mullingar Park Hotel and everybody from both sides really enjoyed the day.


I would like to wish Caolin and Tony a long and Happy Life together.

Breda & Stephen Wedding Day Fri 30th Aug 2013

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Breda & Stephen Wedding  Day Friday 30th August 2013. This was an usual day, I started in the Groom’s home in Kiltimagh at 8.30 AM, I was suppose to go the evening but the rehearsals in Castlerea Church put an end to that. We had great fun putting the Groom up on a Tractor up and down the road, one thing it relaxed them all for the day. Then back to the Bride’s home and we had more fun the last time I was there 10 years ago for the last Mannion Wedding. I came back again just before the bride left the house to record the journey to the Church in Castlerea. The Ceremony was performed by Fr Joe Fitzerald and then away to The Salthill Hotel in Galway. John Mannion went around to chat some of the guests from both sides. I worked on until the Band finished. The big surprise a group of Mayo supporters arrived in singing, Stephen being from Mayo and Breda Roscommon.

I would  like to wish Breda and Stephen a long and Happy life together.

Claire & Joe Wedding Day Friday 10th May 2013

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Claire & Joe Wedding Day Friday 10th May 2013 ceremony was held in Castlerea Church and The Radisson Hotel in Rosses Point Sligo.

The day started in Fallons Bed and Breakfast with Joe and his crew, being from Donegal we had great fun, we intended  to bring him to the church in a tractor  but this did not happen. Then to the Bride’s home and a big surprise was in store when a frog arrived at the door, small little things like this make a difference. Then to the church were the ceremony was performed by local priest Fr Micheal, he made everybody so relaxed. Then away to the hotel were we had a great meal and everybody enjoyed the band as well. Cloe who is a daughter of  Claire and Joe was magnificent  she made the day for everybody.The guests mixed very well being from opposite sides of the country.


I would like to wish Claire  Joe and Chloe a long and happy life together.

Carol & David Wedding Day Fri 26th April 2013.

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Carol & David Wedding was on Fri 26th April in St. Patricks Church Castlerea  and Westwood Hotel Galway. This was my 3rd and last wedding for this family, Carol is the last to get married. I started in Fannon’s with the Groom and I have to go back this week to take a shot of the train passing behind the house, this is because Brian is from Wicklow and was reared beside the railway line. The ceremony was beautiful and afterwards we hit away to the hotel in Galway. This was a late one the band finished at 3 O’ Clock but everyone had a great day, I hit for home because next day I had to go to Dublin to do another wedding.


I would like to wish Carol and Brian a long and happy life together.

Julie & Ronan

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Julie & Ronan wedding ceremony was in Castlerea Church and the Reception was in the Ocean Sands Hotel Enniscrone.  I was wondering why they choose Friday 13th, the couple were not worried and everything went according to plan. The weather was great the Bride had many happy memories of Enniscrone were all the family spent many a holiday. The wedding car went way down the beach and many years ago I nearly lost my car on the same beech. The lifeguard came out to make us aware. Everybody enjoyed the day.

I wish Julie & Ronan a long and happy life together.