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Tracy & David Wedding Day Friday 23rd September 2016

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< This was a great day. I started in Glan in the Brides Home, trying to arrive in time the road was closed between Ballymoe and Glan, so I had to hit for Williamstown. The athmosphere was electric in Tracy's home. Then over to David's home in Clonberne. We had great fun getting ready for the Big Day. Then back to Tracy's home. The Cermony was performed by Fr. Paddy Mooney who I know a long time. I was just transferring a video I did for Frank & Colette 25 yeas ago Last Feb and the Priest was Fr. Paddy. he is a gentleman. Then after the cermony away to Galway with lots of Bonfires along the way. Jarlath Gormally drove my car. The Band was Busssy Fingers and I worked until thery finished. It was a long day but enjoyable. I would like to wish Tracy and David a long and happy life together.

Ann Marie & Thomas Wedding Day Friday 15th July 2016

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July 15 in Cladagh Church & Salthill Hotel Galway

This was another wedding that both Anne & I were invited to, this was one day after another. This was a different Wedding because Ann Marie’s Father Maurice is a Videographer and we are friend’s as well. I knew if I ran into problems he would be around.
I srarted in the groom’s home at 10 we had good fun and relaxed everybody. Then back to Ann Marie’s home, they wre all pretty much relaxed. Then away to the Church in Galway. The Cermony was performed by Fr. Joe Poole and it went very well. The day itself held up great. We got beautiful shots across from the Church. The hotel is really beautiful. I worked on until the Band Finished. Everybody at the wedding really enjoyed themselves.
I would like to wish Ann Marie & Thomas a long and happy life together.

Breda & Stephen Wedding Day Fri 30th Aug 2013

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Breda & Stephen Wedding  Day Friday 30th August 2013. This was an usual day, I started in the Groom’s home in Kiltimagh at 8.30 AM, I was suppose to go the evening but the rehearsals in Castlerea Church put an end to that. We had great fun putting the Groom up on a Tractor up and down the road, one thing it relaxed them all for the day. Then back to the Bride’s home and we had more fun the last time I was there 10 years ago for the last Mannion Wedding. I came back again just before the bride left the house to record the journey to the Church in Castlerea. The Ceremony was performed by Fr Joe Fitzerald and then away to The Salthill Hotel in Galway. John Mannion went around to chat some of the guests from both sides. I worked on until the Band finished. The big surprise a group of Mayo supporters arrived in singing, Stephen being from Mayo and Breda Roscommon.

I would  like to wish Breda and Stephen a long and Happy life together.

Ciara & John Wedding Day

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Ciara & John  wedding was all in Galway, the Church was Sathill and the hotel was the Salthill Hotel. I thought this was a great idea instead of facing  the long journey from Strokestown to Galway especially on a Friday evening. The wedding ceremony was covered with two cameras because the couple made a special request to get all the church music. I was delighted with this because it meant that the sound, and picture, were edited in with each other.  We all went back to the Salthill Hotel and I covered this short journey from the roof of the car. I found the Bride very bubbly and both the Bride and Groom were very easy to work with. I worked on until the band finished. The DVD is on its way to London for the couple to see when they arrive home from the honeymoon.

I wish Ciara & John a long and happy life together.

Susan & Vincent

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Susan’s and Vincent’s Wedding was in St. Mary’s Church Mountbeallew and the Reception was in the Salthill Hotel Galway. This was a great wedding because the Groom Vincent was from West Cork and the people were very friendly from this neck of the woods. The video started in the Grooms home, and we made out that he was late for the wedding, then over to the Bride’s Home and all four Bridemaids were in smashing form with the hairdresser all the way from Cork. What I love with weddings in County Galway was the bonfires and this was covered from the roof of my car. We arrived in the Salthill Hotel and I stayed until 1.15 in the morning until the band finished. I had a ring from Vincent after they watched the video and they were very happy with it.

I wish Susan & Vincent a long and happy life together.