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Rebecca & Alan’s Wedding Fri 20th Sept 2019

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Rebecca Alan’s wedding was something else. It lasted a week for me, i started the sunday before the big day to do the Brides bit, it only took four hours, and we had great crack, I did the Grooms home on the wednesday, it was also great fun. It made it easier on the day. The Cermony was in Clooneycolgan and the Reception in Lough Rynn Castle. I am at the video game over thirty years and it is the first time two dogs were brought up the Aisle before the Marraige. The day was most enjoyable for both Alan Hunt who was photographer and myself. We appreciated Alan giving us special mention in his speeches that he enjoyed the fun with us both. It was a great day Patrick Feeney sung in the Church and played at the reception he was great

.(I have not posted anything since my friend Mauruice Sirr Pased away. I was at his months mind in Ballymoe to day. i still miss Maurice,)

Lisa & Tom Wedding Day Fri 14th March 2014

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Lisa & Tom Wedding Day Fri 14th March 2014. was in Cloonboniffe Church and Lough Rynn Castle.  I started in Toms home at ten in the morning, Tom felt great afterwards because the fun he had he got relaxed. Then back to the Brides home and the place was full with Bridesmaids who stayed the night before. The ceremony was in Cloonboniffe Church by Fr Michael he is a great man to make everyone feel at home. Then  away to Lough Rynn  Castle for the Function.



I would like to wish Lisa and Tom a long and happy life together.

Maura & Ciaran

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Maura & Ciaran Wedding Day Saturday 29th September, Castlerea Church and Lough Rynn Castle. The Ceremony was something special with the Vard Sisters singing in the church. The ceremony was performed by the Bride’s Uncle and the Groom’s Uncle which was very  unusual. With this wedding we used 3 cameras one on the gallery in a fixed position,the other two down around the altar. We decided on this to make sure all the music in the church was captured, and the sound quality maintained. The Groom Ciaran had a special cordless mike attached to him to make sure nothing was missed. The Hotel was magnificent also the band from Tuam called Silkwood . John Hunt did the Interviews before the music started.The picture above was taken outside Lough Rynn Castle what a wonderful day.


I would like to wish Maura and Ciaran a long and happy life together.