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Marie & Sean Wedding Day Sat 1st Sept 2018

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This is one wedding I was looking forward to, for one reason I did Marie’s Mother Ann and Father Jarlath twenty eight years ago. This is my first so that is what makes it so special. I an very grateful to be able to do this work at this hour of my life. I started in Marie’s home with her getting ready, back to the Church to get Sean and the boys arriving, then back to Marie’s for Martin to drive my car ahead of the Bride to get all the bonfires on the Way to the Church. The ceremony was performed by my friend Fr. Tommy Cummins and above any other priest he makes it very special. We went after the ceremony to the Hudson Bay Hotel and talk about the amount of bonfires along the way. We were greeted at the Hotel by Michael Dolan, the hotel is lucky to have such a nice man doing this job. The meal was great so was the Band Gob Smack.

I would like to wish Marie & Sean a long and happy life together.

Veronica & Paul Wedding Day Sat 28th Nov 2015.

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This is my fourth wedding for the Mc Loughlin family. Paul who is well known around Castlerea works in the NCT Center. I started in the church and after the ceremony I recorded all the bonfires along the road until we got to Mount Talbot, we went the opposite road that we should have. We all arrived safely in the Hodson Bay and I finished working at one in the morning it was fantastic day, the band was great and had everybody out on the floor all night.

Breedge & Johnathan Wedding Day Friday 18th Oct 2013

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Breedge & Johnathan Wedding Day Friday 18th Oct 2013. The wedding ceremony was held in Ballygar Church and The Reception was in the Hudson Bay Hotel Athone. It was great to be working with Photographer Ger O’ Loughlin Roscommon. It brought back great memories because we worked alot together one time. The day started in Johnathan’s home in Roscommon and he was cool and really looking forward to the day. I was at Breedge’s home twice because I went back again to get her traveling to the Church with me videoing from the roof of the car to get all the fires on the way in. The Ceremony was conducted by Fr Christy Mc Hugh and he is one of the most relaxed Priests you could have doing the Ceremony. He came all the way up from Grange the fare side of Sligo.  Then back to the Hudson Bay Hotel and it is certainly a long time ago since I was at a wedding with so many guests 360 in all the hotel function room was full. The day went great and I did not finish work until after 1.


I would like to wish Breedge and Johnathan a long and happy life together.


Paula & Padraic Wedding Day Friday 15th March 2013

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Paula & Padraic Wedding Day Friday 15th March 2013 was in Glinsk Church and the Reception was in the Hudson Bay. The couple had come back from Australia to get married at home. I started the day going to the Grooms home and then back to the Brides home in Glinsk. It was a big wedding with 340guests in all. It was great occasion and everybody had a great day. The band was Dave and the Blue Tacks and they gave a gallant performance. 

The remarkable thing about this wedding I did the Grooms Uncle Johns wedding video twenty years ago.


I would like to wish Paula and Padraic w long and happy life together.

Nuala & Darragh Wedding Day

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Nuala & Darragh were married in Kilkerrin Church and the reception was in the Hodson Bay Hotel Athlone. The Priest was Fr. Tommy Cummins and he has the way of making the couple relaxed.  We hit to the Hudson Bay hotel and cover the journey from the roof of the car, to make sure we did not miss the wonderful bonfires on the way.  It was a great wedding and everybody enjoyed the day. I had a cuppa with Fr Tommy before the Ceremony.

I wish Nuala & Darragh a long and happy life together.