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Michelle & John Wedding Day Sat 4th Aug 2018

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Michelle & John
Wedding Day Sat 4th Aug 2018.

I started at the Church in Granlahan,this Church brings back happy memories of the first wedding that I did on a commercial basis for Helen & Liam away back in 1987. This was a great day and the Church music was fantastic, the Cermony performed by Fr. Joe Feeney he makes it so realaxing for the happy couple. The Reception was in the Abbey Hotel and thery must be fed up of me as I was in it the following day Sunday. The music and the meal was excellant I worked on until the tea break. I must add that both Michelle and John were lovely to work for.
I love meeting John’s Mother Rosemary she always says how are you Mr.Browne and I say how are you Mrs Black,
I would like to Wish Michelle and John a long and happy life together.

Michelle & Michael Wedding Day Fri 17th July 2015.

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This was a great day out, and it brought back many happy memories. I did Michaels sister Helen and Liam’s wedding back in 1987. It was the first wedding I got paid for. When Michael and Michelle were getting married they set the date to suit me, because next day I was away to do a wedding in Portugal.
The ceremony was performed by Fr Feeney and then back to the Abbey Hotel in Roscommon, they always get them in on time the food excellent and a great venue. I remember doing 45 weddings in the Abbey Hotel the one year. That was in the good old days.