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Michelle & Declan Wedding Day Sat 7th November 2015.

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I started in the Brides home, and they were all in great form. Then back to the church, and we could not have anyone so relaxing as Fr Michael Donnelly. I was slagging him that he was now his former PP boss with VF after his name.
It was a big wedding and the people were so nice on both sides. I did the video for Declan’s brother over eleven years ago. We were very lucky with the day,as you can see from the evening photo taken on one of the boats on the river Shannon. I worked until the

Aoife & Keith Wedding Day Sunday 29th December 2013

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Aoife  & Keith Wedding Day Sunday 29th December 2013. The Wedding Ceremony was in Fairymount Church and the reception in The Abbey Hotel Roscommon. I was not able to cover this wedding because I was already booked, so Maurice Sirr did the needful. I will do the editing, Maurice started in the Bride’s home, and the Ceremony was not until 2.30 so it was getting dark when he reached the hotel, I was speaking to him this morning and he said the day went very well. I was at Aoife’s parents wedding  back in 1978.



I would like to wish Aoife and Keith a long and happy life together.

Christina & Eugene

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Christina & Eugene wedding ceremony was in Fairymount Church and the reception was in the Mc William Park hotel Claremorris on Sat 1st Sept 2012. I started in the Bride’s Home in Lisdrumneil and we had great fun and Kathleen and Michael parents of the Bride were in great form. Then back to the church were a lovely ceremony was performed by  Fr Creighton. The day was worrying with the weather we were able to get beautiful shots in the demesne in Castlerea, the day held out well.  I worked on until 11 and the day went great. John Mc Dermot was the man who brought the Bride and Groom the journey, he is  a great character to be with.

I would like to wish Catherine and Eugene a  long and Happy Life together.