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Margaret Mary & Sean June 25 in Dingle Peninsula

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When Sean asked me to record his wedding in Dingle last year I did not realize he was serious. I could not refuse because he is one Gentleman, and when I met Margaret Mary she is a lady. They looked after both Anne and I and we had not to want for anything during our stay. The journey is 5 hours so it meant gong down the day before.
I had the Grooms house done on the Tuesday before with all his gang. The morning of the wedding I was out after ten getting them in the sea swimming. Francis Bligh got the ducking that Sean was to get. Then up to the Granny’s home where she wished Sean all the best, next on the list was the Brides Home, I never experienced such a happy bunch of Bridesmaids they were singing for the Bride while she was getting ready.
The Ceremony was beautiful, during the Ceremony my Mike was on the same frequency as the Church, so it bleeped during the Ceremony thank God he got the blame from the Priest, it took the pressure from me. I was not long rectifying the problem.
Then after Ceremony we did two laps of the town with the happy couple out the roof of the car. When we arrived in the Hotel food was laid on for everyone and the ham was Delicious. The meal was the same. The Kerry people know how to look after people. I worked on until the tea break.
I would like to wish Margaret Mary and Sean a long and happy life together