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Louise & Senan Wedding Day Friday 2nd Sept. 2016

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The first place of call was Louise’s home. This is were Louise’s Dad lives. I was with Alan Hunt and he was at the house since 9.30 that morning. Alan was the photographer an d fair play to him apart from being an excellent photographer he puts in the hours. I called back to the Bride again when Louise had the dress on. When I went back to the Church they had a Tipperary flag hanging at the gate. The priest being from Tip drove him bananas. It was great fun. He Conducted the Ceremony and everybody loved him. When the Ceremony was over we went around the village and the whole place was out with fires. Senan the Groom was very impressed.  I have done several weddings for the Brennan’s and you could not work for a nicer family.

I would like to wish Louise and Senan a long and happy life together.

Irene & Martin Wedding Day Friday 20th June 2014

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Irene & Martin Wedding Day Friday 20th June 2014 ceremony in Newbridge Church and the Reception in the Shearwater  Ballinasloe.  I started in Martin’s home and he being involved with machinery so the tractor was taken out. I filmed from the trailer with T.J. holding my leg in-case I would fall of.  The song chosen for this one was do you think my tractor sexy. Then over to the Bride’s house this was my second time to call here doing Caithriona wedding last year. I love doing weddings in this part of the world because they are all out for the crack. The ceremony was performed by Fr  Tom Beirne a gentleman. When the ceremony was over, we recorded the bonfires on the way to the hotel. The Manager Garret one of the best and I found him most accommodating to me. The band was Weightless Astronauts and they are very good . I worked until the tea break was to finish at 11 but the band did not start until 10.30 and I would not have enough coverage at that stage.

I was delighted with the text below received from Irene and Martin this evening  (15th July)
Hi Sean, oh the DVD is just brilliant , very well done and so funny.
We love it so much and so do everyone else. Thanks so much again.  Job
well done. Irene & Martin

Sharon & Darrel Wedding Day Sat 10th May 2014

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The wedding was in Balygar church to day. We first went to the Bride’s Home and then the Groom’s the biggest family in a long time nine in all. When I arrived I got the job of putting on the Windsor ties. Just thinking these were all the go when I was their age, not anymore. The ceremony was conducted by my old friend Fr Michael Breslin, he mentioned that I knew when he was ordained forty years ago because I was at it. The rain came down in buckets, lucky this happened when we were in the church, Then we all hit away to the Shamrock Lodge in Athlone for the reception, they had the speeches before the meal which is a good idea.



I would like to wish Sharon and Darrel a long and Happy Life Together.

Michelle & Enda Wedding Day Sat 3rd May 2014

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Michelle & Enda Wedding Day Sat 3rd May 2014. This wedding was in Ballyforan Church and The Galway Bay Hotel. We started the day with the Bride Michelle up and down the road on a Ford Tractor 1966 restored to pristine condition by her brother Tom, the tune used in the background do you think my tractor sexy. In the transport box we had the two bridesmaids. The day went very well and the Galway Bay put on a good show, a good idea they had the break between the band finishing and the disco. Enda is from Granard and both sides mixed very well he gave a great speech, he will certainly enjoy it being played back on the video.



I would like to wish Michelle and Enda a long and happy life together,

Nuala & Noel’s Wedding Day Friday 25th October 2013

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Nuala  & Noel Wedding Day Friday 25th October 2013.  This wa a long day I started  in Nuala & Noels home in Galway at 10.30, this meant leaving Castlerea very early.   When I arrived  Noel was as cool as a breeze we had great fun especially with his brother Gerry beetle. I did Gerry and Gillian wedding some fifteen years ago. I find of late people asking me am I still at it, my answer is simply because I enjoy recording weddings. Then I went over to the bride’s home only to discover that her mother was related to my wife Anne’s family. The church in Mullagh was small and the big attraction was a restored 1963 tractor outside the church. Then away to the Salthill Hotel for the reception, to make things worse to add to the traffic a broken down bus held the cortege. I worked until 12.30 suppose to finish at 11  everything was running late. Everybody enjoyed the day.


I would like to wish Nuala & Noel a long and happy life together.

Karen & Declan Wedding Friday 21st December 2012

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Karen & Declan wedding Ceremony was in St Michael’s Church and the reception in the Carlington Hotel Ballinasloe.  The day started in Declan’s home and his brother David made sure we started well, this was a little after eleven. Then over to Karen’s home in Ballinasloe where Breedge and Frank were going through the  ritual of walking up the aisle in the corridor. The Church ceremony was really beautiful and conducted by F r Declan Mc Inerney who knows Karen from teaching in Creagh National School and Declan through the football.  Then over to the hotel and they put on some show. The band was the Conqueors . They wanted to have the DVD before the Christmas so they are all watching it to morrow in the Happy couples home.

I would like to wish Karen and Declan a long and happy life together.