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Lindsay & Alan Wedding Day Sat 20th April 2018

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This was my first wedding ever to do on Easter Saturday. The marraige and the Reception was in the Hudson Bay in Athlone. The Ceremony started at 3. The Civil Ceremony does not take long. The hotel did a great job, they are so lucky to have Michael Dolan looking after the Reception, so cool and a Gentleman.
Jason O Callaghan came on at the tea break, with Hypnosis, I never enjoyed anything as good as an extra at a wedding.The day went so well for Lindsay and Alan.

I would like to wish them both a long and happy life together

Tracy and Aiden’s Wedding Sat 11th Oct 2014

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Tracy & Aiden’s Wedding Day Sat 11th Oct 2014

October 11 in Cloverhill Church and The Hudson Bay Hotel
This was a great wedding, I started at the Bride’s home and when I went away they were all more relaxed including the dog. The ceremony in the church was beautiful including the flowers by Shirley Spellman and the music by Simon Casey, he also played at the function.This was a big wedding and both sides knew each other. I had agreed to work until 11 O Clock so when the band had not started I stayed on until the tea break.ie around 12.
I would like to wish Tracy and Aiden a long and happy life together.

Aoife & John Wedding Day Friday 25th June 2014

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This s one wedding I will not fer get in a hurry. My worst nightmare the video camera fell from the tripod and ended up on the floor of the Church after the Priest Fr Cullen made his opening address. Lucky as always I had a spare camera to continue working with. Fr John was so understanding he held the ceremony up so that I could get started again. The Bride Aoife said afterward that the incident helped both John and her to relax. They were great and so were all the guests.
I would like to wish Aoife and John a long and Happy life together, and especially a big thank you  for being so kind and understanding to me after my mishap in the church.
John Stewart commented on Sean Browne Wedding Videos’s life event.
John wrote: “Hi Sean, just wanted to say thanks for the DVD, just watched it again today. It was all we could have hoped for and more. Fantastic job, you made us feel very relaxed on the day. Many thanks, John & Aoife.”

Brenda & Gerry Wedding Day Sat 14th June 2014

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Brenda & Gerry Wedding Day Saturday 14th June 2014 in Geevagh Church and The Landmark Hotel Carrick-On- Shannon.  The day was wonderful and I started in the Bride’s Home at 11.30 and all the family were in great form.Then back to the church to meet the groom Gerry who hails from Wicklow. It was interesting to see that the people who came fare away were first in Church. The Ceremony was conducted by Fr, Brain Conlon and Fr Laurence Cullen, they do it differently they sit down in the Aisle facing the Bride and Groom.  We stopped at Ballindoon Abbey and again at Lough Arrow on our way to the hotel, I got some wonderful shots of the lake from the roof of the car. The Wicklow people were very impressed with the beautiful scenery. I worked on until the Band finished at 12.30 the band was local band  called Gob Smacked they were very good.


I would like to wish Brenda and Gerry a long and happy life together.

Dympna & Padraig Wedding Day Sat 13th July 2013

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Dympna & Padraig Wedding Day Sat 13th July 2013. The day started in Horans Restaurant in Roscommon where I got a shot of the Groom and the Best Men having Breakfast, we had great fun with the Best man feeding the Groom, when I come to the editing I will have to put in a few bleeps for this one. Then back to the Bride and Grooms home and all Dympnas family were in the house.

I then met the Groom at the Church, it was Patrick Feeney who sang especially Dympna’s brother John song” you will walk down the aisle with me”. This was my second day in the Castle the difference was that a gentleman suggested to the Bride and and Groom hide a coin in the Castle and come back the same day in twenty years time to see if it is still around.

Then away to the Abbey Hotel and as usual a great meal served up, the grounds also are very beautiful.

I would like to wish Dympna and Padraig a long and happy life together.

Caroline & James Wedding Day Fri 12th July 2013

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Caroline & James Wedding Day Fri 12th July 2013.  My day started in the Grooms home in Balla, we had great fun and it took the worry out of the day For the Groom, then back to the Brides home and I never seen as many signs on the road wishing the happy couple every happiness.  The ceremony itself was in Castlecoote Church and the Priest told everybody to turn of the mobile and my mobile went off during the ceremony. The Priest thanked the mobile video man at the end of the ceremony. Then back to the Castle in Roscommon for the pictures, I was with Iven Keaney a gentlman to work with. Then back to the Abbey Hotel and I must say the finest hotel I go to and the meals are always the best.


I would like to wish Caroline and James  a long and happy life together.

Selene & Paul

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Selene & Paul’s Wedding Day Friday 21st September 2012 in Loughglynn Church and the Diamond coast Hotel Enniscrone. The weather was magnificent. The Ceremony was in Loughglynn Church and the singing was with Carmel Mc Loughglynn. She is magnificent, as they say you would stand in the snow to listen to her. We then hit away for The Diamond Coast Hotel in Enniscronre going through Charlestown on the way because Paul comes from that neck of the wood’s. The Hotel manager is Mary Clark and very nice to deal with.   I was suppose to finish up at 11 but stayed on until 12 because the day was running a bit behind.


I would like to wish Selene and Paul a long and Happy Life Together.

Martina & Ted

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Martina & Ted’s Wedding was in Cloverhill Church and the Landmark Hotel Carrick – on – Shannon on Friday 14th Sept 2012. The day was magnificent and this was a big wedding, the church was so full that people had to stand at the back of the church and outside. I never in my time doing videos did I see guests arriving so early for the ceremony.  The ceremony was carried out by Fr. John Coughlan a friend of the family. I remember doing the first wedding for the family with Seamus and Caroline 18 years ago Fr John was the man. I experience the tradition when they have same people back again. I worked on until 1.50 AM as I told the Martina and Ted I would stay until the band finished.

I Would like to wish Martina and Ted  a long life and happy life  together

Christina & Eugene

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Christina & Eugene wedding ceremony was in Fairymount Church and the reception was in the Mc William Park hotel Claremorris on Sat 1st Sept 2012. I started in the Bride’s Home in Lisdrumneil and we had great fun and Kathleen and Michael parents of the Bride were in great form. Then back to the church were a lovely ceremony was performed by  Fr Creighton. The day was worrying with the weather we were able to get beautiful shots in the demesne in Castlerea, the day held out well.  I worked on until 11 and the day went great. John Mc Dermot was the man who brought the Bride and Groom the journey, he is  a great character to be with.

I would like to wish Catherine and Eugene a  long and Happy Life together.