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Marcus & Tara Wedding Day Sat 22nd Sept 2018.

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Marcus & Tara Wedding Day Sat 22nd Sept 2018.

I started in the Church and thank God the weather great. I enjoyed this wedding especially for one reason and that is our relationship with the Bligh family goes back along way. Jim worked for us in the Castle Inn days now nearly fifty years ago. I used to have great chats back with him then. Marcus went to school with my son David, and they used to come to parties in our place as kids.
Marcus is lucky to meet such a nice girls as Tara. the cermony was performed by Fr. John Mc Manus, and as usual, has the nack of keeping the couple at ease. The Dublin guests and the country guests got on so well. The reception was in the Bridge House Tullamore. The band was Hebbie Jeebies, they were very good. I worked on until the teaa break.

I would like to wish Tara & Marcus a long and happy life together