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Aileen & Vincent Wedding Day St. Patrick’s Day 2016

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This was a special day for me as a video man. I am doing weddings in the Hodson Bay sice it opened 23 years ago. Aileen was working in the Hotel and she used to say when I am getting married I will get you to do my video, and fair play it happen yesterday.
The day starred in Vincent’s house at 10 in the morning and I finished with the band at 1.30. I was at home at 2.45. it was a long day but enjoyable. I then went to Aileen’s home in Mount Talbot, both families are very nice, this is the only second St. Patrick’s Day wedding I have done. The church was performed by Fr. Beirne with Fr. Michael Donnelly. Then we went over to the ball alley in Mount Talbot, this was a first for me because Vinnie is a big handball fan. It was through handball that he met Aileen. The Hodson spared nothing for Aileen and Vinnie. The band was Sean Slattery and the Connections they were great.