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Newbridge Celebrates 1916 Rising Sunday 27th March 2016.

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I think you have to give this little village of Newbridge full credit for what they did last Sunday to commemorate the Easter Rising. I was hired to record the event. I went up a few times for the rehearsal. Sean Gavin came up with the idea and seen it through with the help of Tomas Heavey and others. It went very well starting with Mass, Irish Dancing the reenactment of the events of the Easter Rising, with Tree planting, and then to finish with more music. The weather was inclement, but a great crowd turned out for this special occasion all the same.
The video was shown in Cunninham’s Bar on Friday night last. The DVD’s will be available from any of the organizing committee.

Aileen & Vincent Wedding Day St. Patrick’s Day 2016

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This was a special day for me as a video man. I am doing weddings in the Hodson Bay sice it opened 23 years ago. Aileen was working in the Hotel and she used to say when I am getting married I will get you to do my video, and fair play it happen yesterday.
The day starred in Vincent’s house at 10 in the morning and I finished with the band at 1.30. I was at home at 2.45. it was a long day but enjoyable. I then went to Aileen’s home in Mount Talbot, both families are very nice, this is the only second St. Patrick’s Day wedding I have done. The church was performed by Fr. Beirne with Fr. Michael Donnelly. Then we went over to the ball alley in Mount Talbot, this was a first for me because Vinnie is a big handball fan. It was through handball that he met Aileen. The Hodson spared nothing for Aileen and Vinnie. The band was Sean Slattery and the Connections they were great.