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Carrick -on- Shannon Community School 22nd Jan 2014

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This was the second promotional video of the year. To day we spent the day in the school in Carrick -on-Shannon. This is a new idea where the School promotes itself showing all the class in progress. I was very lucky to have one of the teachers Peter Nyland to accompany me on the day, also to spend 8 hours editing the video. It came out very well both Teachers and pupils were delighted with it. One thing I had to be careful not to show the pupils faces, as you may see from the picture enclosed the Teachers is seen not the pupil’s.

It is always a pleasure to work in this school only last year we had a film school were my son Shane came on board for the duration of the school.



I would like to thank Peter Nyland who put a Trojan amount of work into this video, and he was as always a pleasure to work with.

Iron Images 20th Jan 2014

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This was a the first promotional video of 2014. This was in P.J. Conway’s factory in Galway known as Iron Images. I had to travel to Galway to get the footage. P.J has the sole franchise for Prison Windows and he invented this concept himself.  In the picture you can see the doors being manufactured in his factor, he employe’s a good few people from the region. P.J was with me while we were editing and choose the shots he wished. We had the completed work ready to go to England in a few days.



Wishing  P.J. Derek and David every success in the years ahead.

Regina & Alex Wedding Day Sat 4th Jan 2014

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Regina & Alex Wedding Day Sat 4th Jan 2014. The wedding was in Ballintubber Church and the Mc William Hotel Claremorris. I still remember doing the first wedding in this Hotel in Dec 2006. I started in the Bride’s Home and something new for me,the Groom was getting ready in the same house. We had to make sure that we recorded the first look when both seen each other for the first time in the house. Then back to the church and followed on to the hotel. It was not a big wedding just over a hundred guests. The day went very well and everybody seemed to enjoy the day. This is my first wedding for 2014.


I would like to wish Regina and Alex a long and happy life together.