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Margaret & Stephen’s Wedding Day Sat 26th October 2013

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Margaret & Stephen wedding  Saturday  26th October 2013, was in Roscommoon Church and The Athlone Springs Hotel. The is the first wedding I arrived an hour early to go to the Grooms home. I set up in the church because I find in this particular church one needs wheels on the tripod to move along the Alter because the singers are hid behind the pillars. I then called to both houses before the church. Then just before the Ceremony it lashed rain. The ceremony was beautiful, then over to Mote Park for the pictures. The rest of the day went very well.



I would like to wish Margaret and long and happy life together.

Nuala & Noel’s Wedding Day Friday 25th October 2013

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Nuala  & Noel Wedding Day Friday 25th October 2013.  This wa a long day I started  in Nuala & Noels home in Galway at 10.30, this meant leaving Castlerea very early.   When I arrived  Noel was as cool as a breeze we had great fun especially with his brother Gerry beetle. I did Gerry and Gillian wedding some fifteen years ago. I find of late people asking me am I still at it, my answer is simply because I enjoy recording weddings. Then I went over to the bride’s home only to discover that her mother was related to my wife Anne’s family. The church in Mullagh was small and the big attraction was a restored 1963 tractor outside the church. Then away to the Salthill Hotel for the reception, to make things worse to add to the traffic a broken down bus held the cortege. I worked until 12.30 suppose to finish at 11  everything was running late. Everybody enjoyed the day.


I would like to wish Nuala & Noel a long and happy life together.

Breedge & Johnathan Wedding Day Friday 18th Oct 2013

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Breedge & Johnathan Wedding Day Friday 18th Oct 2013. The wedding ceremony was held in Ballygar Church and The Reception was in the Hudson Bay Hotel Athone. It was great to be working with Photographer Ger O’ Loughlin Roscommon. It brought back great memories because we worked alot together one time. The day started in Johnathan’s home in Roscommon and he was cool and really looking forward to the day. I was at Breedge’s home twice because I went back again to get her traveling to the Church with me videoing from the roof of the car to get all the fires on the way in. The Ceremony was conducted by Fr Christy Mc Hugh and he is one of the most relaxed Priests you could have doing the Ceremony. He came all the way up from Grange the fare side of Sligo.  Then back to the Hudson Bay Hotel and it is certainly a long time ago since I was at a wedding with so many guests 360 in all the hotel function room was full. The day went great and I did not finish work until after 1.


I would like to wish Breedge and Johnathan a long and happy life together.


Take Me Out Fri 11th Oct 2013

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Take me out, was held in the night club for Cancer Care West in Ballyhaunis to night, I was delighted doing this event and everybody gave their services free. It was great fun and Martina the young girl who got us all  together raised over €3500 on the night. Every family at one time or another is touched with this cross and our own family as well. I was only delighted to be able to do my part for this worthy cause. Martin  mentioned in her speech that she was in a shop selling the wee bands for the cause, this your boy was buying a Lucozade and he gave back the Lucozade and bought the band. Martina then got the Lucozade and followed him out and asked why was he so generous and he said to her that his Daddy had Cancer. When Martina mentioned this their was not a dry eye in the place. In the picture enclosed you are able to see Martina saying a few words it was great to see all the many young people at the event, they are great, I was one of the old folk at the function and delighted.  The purpose of me with the video was to transmit the event to all the large screens in the place 10 in all with  3 below in the Bar for those unable to get in upstairs.Best of luck to Cancer Care West and all the good work they are doing.

National Irish Safety Organisation 50th Anniversary Conference Fri 4th Oct 2013

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National Irish Safety Organization 50th Anniversary Conference Fri 4th Oct 2013 was held in the Radisson Hotel in Galway and our job started at 8pm and continued until 10.30am that night. It was the longest day recording I ever put in my life, total amount recorded 7 hours. The finished work had to go on 2 dual layer and one signal  layer disc’s.The morning and the afternoon was the conference and that night 600 people attended the awards and Dinner. The picture included shows  a great view of what was happening. The hotel provided 5 big screens to make sure everyone had a great view of what was happening. The sound and lighting was provided by Liam Feeney and assisted by John and David, they all did an excellent job.