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Breda & Stephen Wedding Day Fri 30th Aug 2013

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Breda & Stephen Wedding  Day Friday 30th August 2013. This was an usual day, I started in the Groom’s home in Kiltimagh at 8.30 AM, I was suppose to go the evening but the rehearsals in Castlerea Church put an end to that. We had great fun putting the Groom up on a Tractor up and down the road, one thing it relaxed them all for the day. Then back to the Bride’s home and we had more fun the last time I was there 10 years ago for the last Mannion Wedding. I came back again just before the bride left the house to record the journey to the Church in Castlerea. The Ceremony was performed by Fr Joe Fitzerald and then away to The Salthill Hotel in Galway. John Mannion went around to chat some of the guests from both sides. I worked on until the Band finished. The big surprise a group of Mayo supporters arrived in singing, Stephen being from Mayo and Breda Roscommon.

I would  like to wish Breda and Stephen a long and Happy life together.

Marian & Brendan Wedding Day Fri 9th August 2013

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Marian & Brendan Wedding Day Friday 9th August 2013 was in Four Roads Church and the Reception in The Abbey Hotel Roscommon. I started in the Bride’s home and everybody was in great form on the day. The Cermony was in Four roads Church because the family originally came from this parish. The groom was a great character being from Mountbeallew. The reception was in the Abbey Hotel and everybody enjoyed the day. I was working with Maurice Sirr at the photography always pleasrue to work with.


I would like to wish Marian and Brendan a long and happy life together.

Brenda & Niall Wedding Day Thur 8th Aug 2013.

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Brenda & Niall Wedding Day Thursday 8th August 2013.  I started in the Bride’s home at 11 O Clock to get in before the phophotographer to just get a bit of time with the family before he arrived because they need their space. ( The last time I was in this house was when Brenda’s  Sister Paula got married to David 7 years ago)  Then I  went back to the Groom’s home Niall we had fun the coolest Groom I came across in years. The ceremony was in Clooneycolgan church with Fr Browne a great man soon 60 years Ordained. The reception was in Kilronan Castle, the band was excellent.


I would like to wish Brenda and Niall a long and happy life together.

St. Caolin’s Church Trien -150 Years-

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St. Caolin’s Church Trien -150 Years-

This was really a very special occasion and it went on for 3 days, I had to get my friend Maurice Sirr to cover the Sat night as I had a wedding the same day.  Bishop Christy Jones celebrated a special mass on the Sunday, this was followed by a big party in the local school with a tent onside. This is the year of the gathering and this celebration could not have happened at a better time. People who had not seen each other for years came together for the Celebration.

Niamh & David Wedding Day Sat 4th August 2013

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Niamh & David Wedding Day Sat 4th August 2013. This wedding ceremony was in Knockcroghery  Church and The Abbey Hotel Roscommon.  I started in the Bride’s home and it was her Father John who met me at the head of the road, a gentleman. The child of Prague was displayed and both Mum and Dad went out to the garden to thank him for  fine day The ceremony was conducted by Fr Menton and it was beautiful. Niamh is a nurse at the local county hospital so we had lots of colleagues  at the wedding.


I would like to wish Niamh &  David a long and happy life together.

This Wedding was last year, I received the Thank You card only recently it was one of the best I received. That is reason the date is moved up to now.