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Mary & Conor Wedding Day 31st December 2018

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These are special days for a wedding, especially on New Years Eve, I started in the Chuch and I must say it was beautiful and real Chrismey looking. The only thing I was afraid that I would not have enough light to record, thank God it worked out fine. Brendan Shine was doing the singing, he was fahtastic as usual, it is always a pleasure to meet Brendan he alwys has his feet on the ground.
The cermony was performed by Fr Sean.Mary arrived on time with her Father John Joe she looked fantastic, I had already catured Conor arriving, he looked great as well.
The Hodson Bay hosted the Reception and they always deliver well. I just want to say they are so lucky to have Michael Dolan as Banqueting Manager, he is so well suited for the job, he is a Pure Gentleman.
I was so delighted to meet Francis and Gillian Morley at the wedding, remembering doing Gillian and Gerry.s wedding in Galway twenty years ago.

I would like to wish Mary & Conor a long and happy life together. .

Olivia & Thomas Wedding Day 21st Dec 2018

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This was a special wedding for me. I did the photographs for Hillary’s and Pat’s Wedding in 1983. I did my first wedding video for Thomas uncle Liam and Helen in 1987. I also went to School with Olivia’s Father Sean. He looks so young looking compared to me, his Mother thought he was dying his hair, she never belived him. I was among friends that day.
I started in Liams home we had great fun, then back to Olivia’s home we had similar crack, the cermony went very well. We were so lucky with the day. Alan Hunt was the photographer, he is so professional and so easy to work with, The Reception was in the Landmark in Carrick, and Imelda Scally was in charge, they are so lucky to have her, the Landmark do the whole day so well. The Band was Hebie Jebies they were fantastic, The Day flew and everybody enjoyed themseles on the day. .
Just addd a photo of Helen and Liam that I took of them the day of the wedding. They are looking mighty. I always love meeting them.

I would like to wish Olivia & Thomas a long and happy life together.

Caroline & Enda Wedding Day 25th Oct 2018.

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This was a very specila Wedding for a very special couple. I have a reason for saying this out of all sincerity.
I started in Kilrooskey in Enda’s Home, and Enda loves cars so we had a fast spin up to Rattigans Bar. Then down to Carolines home, we had great fun here, especiaIly with the suitcase. The ceremony was in Cloverhill Church with Fr Glennon, he is a lovely Priest. The Photographer was Alan Hunt he is so professional and easy for a video man to work with. We droped into Sean for a quick pint, the Reception was in the Mc William Park Hotel, Claremorrris a nice spot, I worked on until the Band finished.

I would like to wish Caroline and Enda a long and happy life together.

Lisa & Thomas Wedding Day Fri 5th Oct 2018.

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Lisa & Thomas Wedding Day Fri 5th Oct 2018.

I was lucky with this wedding that the Grooms and Bride were so close together. I was able to work between the two. We had great fun. The Ceremony and Reception was in The Ocean Sands Hotel on Enniscrone. The day went so well, both Lisa and Tom were so easy to work wih, Mary Clark being the Manager she is so helpful. I worked on until the Band Finished.
I would like to wish Lisa and Tom a long and happy life together

Jenny & Henri Wedding Day Thur 4th Oct 2018.

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This is a wedding I enjoyed doing because I have known Henri’s Mam and Dad a long time. I started in the Church and we brought Henri up the Aile with his handcuffs on, very nice seeing Henri is a Guard. The Reception was in the Raddison Hotel in Rosses Point, the day went so well, and everybofdy enjoyed themselves.
I would like to wish Henri and Jenny a long and happy life together.

Marcus & Tara Wedding Day Sat 22nd Sept 2018.

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Marcus & Tara Wedding Day Sat 22nd Sept 2018.

I started in the Church and thank God the weather great. I enjoyed this wedding especially for one reason and that is our relationship with the Bligh family goes back along way. Jim worked for us in the Castle Inn days now nearly fifty years ago. I used to have great chats back with him then. Marcus went to school with my son David, and they used to come to parties in our place as kids.
Marcus is lucky to meet such a nice girls as Tara. the cermony was performed by Fr. John Mc Manus, and as usual, has the nack of keeping the couple at ease. The Dublin guests and the country guests got on so well. The reception was in the Bridge House Tullamore. The band was Hebbie Jeebies, they were very good. I worked on until the teaa break.

I would like to wish Tara & Marcus a long and happy life together

ANNE MARIE & BRIAN Wedding Sat 8th Sept 2018

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This was a wedding where I started in Andy’s home ( Brother of the Bride) where we got the Bride getting ready, and a bit of fun as well. Then back to Anne Marie’s home to get her Mam & Dad wishing both herself and Brain all the best. Oscar had a great welcome for everyone. Then back to Andy’s home to get Brian and the boys. The Church cermony was conducted by Fr. Christy and Fr. Pat they were wonderful, Aileen O’Connor did the singing and she was fantastic.. We all went over to Sean’s Bar accross the raod. Then we hit away to the Shamrock Lodge in Athlone, even though it was raining we covered the journey to the Hotel. The Big Surprise was Patrick Feeney was playing, he was great I stayed on until the Band Finished at 1.45.

I will like to wish Anne Marie & Brian a long and happy life together.

Marie & Sean Wedding Day Sat 1st Sept 2018

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This is one wedding I was looking forward to, for one reason I did Marie’s Mother Ann and Father Jarlath twenty eight years ago. This is my first so that is what makes it so special. I an very grateful to be able to do this work at this hour of my life. I started in Marie’s home with her getting ready, back to the Church to get Sean and the boys arriving, then back to Marie’s for Martin to drive my car ahead of the Bride to get all the bonfires on the Way to the Church. The ceremony was performed by my friend Fr. Tommy Cummins and above any other priest he makes it very special. We went after the ceremony to the Hudson Bay Hotel and talk about the amount of bonfires along the way. We were greeted at the Hotel by Michael Dolan, the hotel is lucky to have such a nice man doing this job. The meal was great so was the Band Gob Smack.

I would like to wish Marie & Sean a long and happy life together.

Valerie & Sam Wedding Day Fri 24th August 2018

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I started in Matties home(Brothe of the bride) with Sam the Groom, he is from Scotland. Sam and his Best Men worse kilts, and so did most of the Guests. Sam drove the tractor making out he was awy to the Church. I then went back to Donamon to Valeries home. The Cermony was in Knock, a day before the Pope arrived, it was performed by my old friend Fr. John Cullen PP In Roscommon. The Reception was in Beleek Castle in Ballina. The meal was nice and so was the band. Sam and all his guests did a session of Scottis dancing before the Band started. It was a pleasure to work for both Valerie & Sam, Mattie was alsogreat help at his home.

I would like to wish Valerie a long and Happy life together.

Marie & Keith Wedding Day Sat 11th Aug 2018

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This was one of the busiest mornings that I had before a wedding all in great fun. I starteed in Marie & Keith’s home getting Marie getting ready the crack was great, then over to Keith’s home, with much of the same, we hit of to Glanamaddy with Groom and the Best men driving a very large Tractor to Harte’s pub, all concerned enjoyed the fun. Then back to Marie’s home in Carane, I am delighted with the Eir Code a great man for finding houses. The Cermony was in Ballyheglish Church, when we finished here we went to Roscommon Castle for the photographs. the photographer was Alan Hunt always a pleasure to work with, and he puts everything into the profession.
Our next stop was The Abbey Hotel as usual top class.

I would like to wish Marie & Keith a long and happy life together